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Xbox-Scene Tutorial: Lotmr's all-inclusive guide to the Audio Exploit (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Lotmr
Last edited: February 6, 2004

((Advantages of the Hack!))
The purpose of this hack is to allow your Xbox to load unsigned applications (aka non-MS certified code) while maintaining the ability to easily remove/restore this exploit.

It does NOT suffer from the clock issues (like the previous Font Exploit), and leaves the Xbox HD (with the exception of the UDATA directory) unchanged after running the uninstall.
If Microsoft begins scanning for HD changes (or if you screw up this hack), this save game can be deleted and no traces should be left on the system (aslong as you also delete any other changes you have made manually!).

Next Up:
((Obtaining/Installing the Hack!))

On a IRC Client join EFnet and join #Xbins
In the topic there will be a command, use it
In the PM the Xbin Bot sent you will be a user and pass for a FTP, go there
Go to Xbox/Exploits/Packages/ and get the newest version of mordens audio installer
Install your action replay Driver and Client
Download the Datel Mech gamesave from the Action Replay Library
Go into your Action Replay directory, and then into saves
There will be a zip called "MechAssaul_DatelMech" unzip it and remove datelinfo.xbx
Go back to the dir with Mordens Audio Hack in it
Un-rar Mordens
There will be a folder called Udata (this is the actual gamesave), go into it
Inside is anoter dir called "4d530017" go into it
Inside that is another dir called "4d530017" and go into it
Inside there copy in the datelinfo.xbx you removed earlier
Zip the Udata directory and rename it "MechAssaul_DatelMech"
Rename the "MechAssaul_DatelMech" in your saves directory to "MechAssaul_DatelMech2"
Copy in the new "MechAssaul_DatelMech"
Open Action Replay
Copy over the Mechassult Save to the memcard
Copying should take a minute and a half
When the copy is done insert the memcard into the controller
Boot to the Xbox dashboard (The thing that boots when no DVD or CD is in the drive)
Go to Memory
Go to the Memory card
Copy over the Mechassult save called "Run Linux" (should be the only one on there)
Delete ALL MUSIC on the Xbox hdd
When finished reboot the Xbox (REMOVE THE MEMCARD) and boot Mechassult
Go to Campain, Load and load the save called "Run Linux"
The screen should flicker and the Evox (Evolution X) should boot
Go to Audio Hack
Hit Install
The hack should install pretty fast and When done it should return to Evox.
(It somethime hangs when restarting Evox, but it's no big deal)

Thats It!

Next Up:
((How to use the Hack!))

How to boot the Hack!
Insert a (retail) audio CD during boot-up or while at the Dashboard
When the music player screen comes up, hit B (to get to the audio menu), hit down (over to copy), press a (to go to the Copy Screen), hit right twice (over to copy) press a three times. You should then see the PBL (Pheonix Bios Loader) loading screen and then Evox should boot (I dont like the default skin, get a diffrent one at AllXboxSkins.com)

From Evox go to the system utils and the the settings menu, here you can set up the network settings, (I find that the default network settings are fine for most networks).
Once the network is set up, go to your PC, and FTP to the address that you set for the Xbox
The default username and pass are both "xbox", you should then see the partiton table for the xbox!
(NOTE: CuteFTP does NOT work with xboxes!, Flash FXP does work!, other clients are untested by me)

((How to make use of the Hack!))
Without making any changes your hack will already be able to run unsigned code (includes back-ups) from CD/DVD. To read code from the HDD a few changes will have to happen.
(NOTE: Not all xboxes can read CD-R's, most can read CD-RW's (some can only read high quality CD-RW's))

First, go to Xbins and get these xbox applications: boXplorer (File Browser), DVD-X (DVD Player) and XBcopy (DVD/Game/CD Ripper)

Most should come in RAR's un-rar them

In each folder there should be a default.xbe file (which stands for Xbox Exeutable)
(If there isnt theres probably a .iso in there, more about that later)

If there is a .xbe in there the program is already ready and just need to be FTP'ed to the "apps" folder on the E drive on the xbox. (if it isnt there just create it)
(NOTE: Make sure you transfer over the whole folder not just the .xbe)

After the program is transfered over reboot your xbox, go to Evox go to the Launch Menu, then Apps and the program should be there! Then just select it and hit a to launch it!
(If its not there and you're sure you put a .xbe on,its ok. More on this later)

Download SimpleXISO off Xbins, it extracts and makes XISO's.
Simply copy over the files extracted from the ISO

FTP to your box
Go to your C:\
Open Evox.ini in a editor
Scroll down till you reach "Section "Launch Menu""
Under which should be the Apps and Games section
To add your program add this line of code (using XBCopy for example)

Item "XBCopy","e:\apps\XBCopy\default.xbe" ((Change the Item and Path to match your app))

If that doesnt work then....i dunno ask someone on xbox-scene.com

((How to Back-Up a Game))
In Evox put your game in the drive
Start XBCopy, hit the start button
select the dir to extract the game too (Usually E:\games)
press a
Wait for it to finish
select from the Launch Menu

Credits To:
The Evox Team
Morden (some text shamefully ripped from his read-me)
The Pheonix Team

Tutorial written by : Lotmr



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