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Add extra connectors to an IDE cable (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : TykSak @ ModZone.dk
Last edited: September 2, 2003

This guide can be used to add more drives to the Xbox or if you want to move connectors together on an IDE cable (remember IDE channels only support 2 IDE devices)

Find some old HD cables

Remove the connector by releasing the "lock" like this

Here you see the "lock"

Now remove the connector from the cable
(some of the legs might remain on the cable you can insert them back into the plug)

Measure up where you want the new connector it has to be straight on on the right way (see how the other connectors are put on)

Keep presure on the connector so it wont move

put it in a vice (be carefull)

A new IDE cable with extra connectors

You cant use 2 HDs at the same time on the Xbox so you need to turn off the power off on one of them

Here a way to switch between to HDs

Bottom of a 2 position switch

Tutorial written by : TykSak @ ModZone.dk



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