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Xbox-Scene Tutorial: Homemade Action Replay (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : TheVoiceOver
Last edited: June 14, 2004


* Action Replay Xbox Software (It is free on their site) They use a similar format to Xbox Game Save Manager
* An XBOX controller with PC USB hookup and XBOX memory card.
* Time and a little bit of brains.

First make sure you can connect an XBOX controller to your PC USB port (do not load any drivers) http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/xbox-usb-xbox-cable.php

I figured out something cool earlier today out of frustration....This may have already been done, so I am not taking credit but if it hasn't been figured out - it should have been by now.

I looked everywhere to by a gameshark/xport for the XBOX as I wanted a way to copy my saves to the XBOX from a memory card on an unmodded unit. I didn't want to order the Mega-X-Key (which I would recommend doing though) as I didn't have the time.

I took an Xbox gamepad and used a wire I made sometime ago to connect it to a pc with a memory card in the 2nd slot. Use this link if you can't figure this out on your own.. http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/xbox-usb-xbox-cable.php
When it detected the devices, it detected two of them. One being the gamepad and the other being unknown, from there I downloaded the Action Replay drivers off the datel american website (codejunkies) and then used the INF that it installed in the program files - datel - actionreplay - drivers directory for the unknown device...
I then loaded the action replay software and it read the card so now I should be able to accomplish my task!

Hope this helps some of you out and let me know! It saved me a few bucks! I am going to hack together a USB mass storage (larger) and see if it works..

Tutorial written by : TheVoiceOver



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