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Xbox VGA-cable tutorial (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : L33

This guide will show you how to build a VGA cable for your xbox to use along with PiXEL8’s VGA enabled firmware to get a true VGA output on your CRT/LCD monitor. This guide is to be updated!

You will need:

Xbox scart cable (comes with xbox, but best to buy a spare
A VGA Extension cable, or at least a female VGA connector & some cable.
LM1881 Video Sync Seperator semiconductor IC.
2x 0.1µF capacitors
680kO resistor
PiXEL8’s VGA patched firmware (you need to find this yourself)
Wire Cutters and/or knife
Soldering iron, solder, usual soldering kit
Insulation tape

The xbox scart cable & VGA extension cable

Firstly, take the xbox scart cable, and cut it at the end nearest the xbox-connector. Holding the end, pull the metal section out (may be stiff). Remove the metal shielding to reveal the connector. Keep the section you have cut off as you will need the phono (red/white) connectors and some cable.

Now take your soldering iron and begin to carefully unsolder all of the cables. Note that there is one loop of wire (connects 2 of the pins directly). Do not remove this loop. All other wires go straight out the back of the connector, unsolder all of these and remove.

Now take the VGA extension cable, and cut near the male end (the end with pins, not holes). Strip back the cable back to reveal a bunch of smaller cables within. You need to work out which of these cables goes to which of the pins on the VGA plug. The best way to do this is to remove the rubber & glue from the male plug and look inside. Write down which colours go to which pins, draw a diagram if you think it will help you.

You are now ready to begin the real work! Plug in your soldering iron and give it time to get hot enough.

Using the diagram and pinout charts below, connect the AVIP (xbox) port, VGA port, phono plugs and LM1881 IC together exactly as shown.

click here to view the diagram

Once you have finished this, carefully wrap the LM1881 with insulating tape and put the AVIP connector cover back on. Make the VGA cable to AVIP join as tidy as possible, use cable clamps and/or insulating tape if necessary.

Plug in the cable to your xbox and monitor, and woohoo! True VGA output! If you are getting a green display it is most likely that you do not have PiXEL8’s firmware installed. Like I said I cannot help you obtain this, you must find yourself.

Known bugs:
As the firmware is a beta release, there are a couple of bugs. Hopefully these will be resolved in the next release(s).

1. A few games do not work. (morrowing, splinter cell and a couple more)
2. This only works for v1.0 xboxes at the moment

Where to buy equipment:

1. LM1881, tools & capacitors/resistor in the US: www.national.com
2. LM1881, tools & capacitors/resistor in the UK: www.maplin.co.uk
3. VGA Extension cable in the US: www.radioshack.com
4. VGA Extension cable in the UK: www.maplin.co.uk
5. Xbox Scart cable in the US: www.ebgames.com
6. Xbox Scart cable in the UK: www.game.co.uk

Note that I am from the UK, so am not 100% sure of the US sources :)

Note that I am not PiXEL8. I did not come up with this idea or help design it in any way. All I am doing is providing a tutorial so that there are less ‘how do I build it’ questions, hopefully helping PiX out in some way! I may be able to answer some questions you may have on forums.xbox-scene.com

Tutorial written by : L33



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