How To Flash X-ecuter2.0/2.1/2.2 Pro with a PC v0.03
(or how to use X-ecuter2 Bios Manager) - by XanTium

What you need :
- An X-ecuter2.0/2.1/2.2 Pro
- It's best to use a DB25 Parallel Cable (male->female) of 0.6meter/2feet (if FCC ribon cable is 295mm/11.61inches) 0.9meter/3feet (if FCC ribon cable is 235mm/9.25inches) or shorter if you don't want verify errors.
- X-ecuter2 Pro should be INSTALLED in your xbox before you can flash it (it needs power from the xbox). (headerpin install - wire install - pogopin install)

- X-ecuter 2 BIOS Manager (X2BM) (download)
- You will need a cracked bios to flash on your X2P , don't ask me where to get it , I can't help you. Those bioses contain MS copyrighted code , so they can't and won't be distributed here. If you want to run linux on your xbox , you can download the legal cromwell bios from xbox-linux[]


01/ Put ALL switches to "OFF"

For X-ecuter2.0 Pro
It's very important to put ALL switches to the "OFF" position!!

For X-ecuter2.1/2.2 Pro
Put first 3 switches of blue/white switches to "off". Put the 4th to "on" (write enable).
Put the silver/black en/disable switch to "disable".


02/Connect your PC & X2P-external addon with the DB25 Parallel Cable.


03/Unzip the X-ecuter2 Bios Manager.
Just use Winzip or Winrar to unzip the archive. To launch X2BM , just click on "x2bm.exe"


04/Boot the xbox
All switches are on "OFF" so the xbox will boot normally (with onboard bios).
The modchip has now power and can be flashed.


05/Run X2BM
I'm not gonna explain into detail how X2MB works, you bought an X-ecuter2 Pro and "Pro" stands for professional so you should atleast be able to find out how sush an easy to use program works - else you should have bought the X2L.
I'll just give a fast example how to flash the X2P.

Make sure that "1024k" is selected at the right bottomside. Click on the first 256k bank and hit the"Import" icon.

Browse your HD and select the bios you want to place on the first bank. X2BM will auto-detect the "real" size of your bios. For example even if you select a 1MB version of the X-ecuter2 bios, it will see it's actually a 256k bios. So it will automaticly downsize the bios to the minimum size it needs.

Now fill the full 1MB. You don't have to flash 4 different bioses ofcourse , with the "copy" and "paste" icon you can put the same bios on several banks. With the "clear" icon you can remove a bios from on of the banks.
Some bioses are larger then 256k , like debug bioses ... in the example below I added : X2 4972 v1 , X2 4974 & TACPX debug bios (512k).

Now click "Info" to check if everything is OK with your setup.
You should get "Manufacturer code:01 Device Code: D5"

If you get:
00 00
88 88
it probably means one of your switches isn't put to "OFF"

If you get:
it probably means you console is powered off or chip has no power (install problem on LPC points)

If you get:
67 F7
44 44
11 11
99 99
it probably means you have a problem with your DB25 Parallel Cable (wrongly connected on PC or on Xbox , too long , ...)

Other errors can be : problem with FCC ribon cable , problem with the modchip install (LPC points - no power) , bad port setting.

Once you get "01 D5" , hit the "write" icon.
You will see the status bar at the bottom

After flashing it will verify ... if you get errors here , it probably means your DB25 Parallel Cable is too long. Try to flash again , or get a shorter cable.

Now your X2P is flashed and ready for use!