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Xbox Version Detection

Version detection based on serial#
**NOTE: This test isn't 100% accurate under all circumstances - to be 100% sure use this guide (requires to open xbox) **

Serial Code ?

You don't even have to get the xbox out of the package to see your serial. At the back on the box there's a hole where you can see serial ("SERIAL NO."), manifacturing date ("MFG. DATE") and "PRODUCT ID".

Format of MFG. DATE and Serial ?





L the number of the production line within the factory
NNNNNN the number of the Xbox within this week
Y the last digit of the production year
WW the number of the week of the production year
FF is the code of the factory your xbox was made (02=Mexico, 03:=Hungary, 05=China, 06=China2)

Xbox Version ?

* If xbox was made in Hungary (FF==03)

Your xbox is a v1.0

* If xbox was made in Mexico (FF==02)

If MFG. DATE is November 2002 or later you have a xbox v1.1, else you have a xbox v1.0

* If xbox was made in China (FF==05 || FF==06)

Xbox linux has a table of the different versions made on the production lines in China, you can check it out here

If you can not find the version of your xbox there, you will have to open your xbox and do these checks

If you were not able to find which version you have with above information, use this guide



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